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More than 30 projects are using the Zermelo API. Build on those or use them as inspiration for your own project. Zermelo does not endorse any of these projects. Do not enter your Zermelo Portal password on any third party sites or apps.


Note that these are all 3rd party libraries. They can save you some time, but they don't support all the features the portal offers. If you need more functionality you should access the API directly.

Note that a lot of these libraries are written by high school students, and they are not always maintained for a long time. Keep in mind you may need to fork these projects in the future. They are great examples to use when writing your own API integration though.

ProjectLanguageStatusLast Commit
(as of September 2019)
wouter173/zermelo.pyPythonNewSeptember 2019MITZermelo api wrapper library for python.
MrWouterNL/Zermelo4JJavaNewJune 2019GPLv3A simple Java API Wrapper for the Zermelo API.
julescitronic/Zermelo-Java-APIJavaNewNovember 2018Apache2.0An easy to use API to implement Zermelo schedules into your app.
pelleknaap/zermelo.goGoMaintainedJune 2019GPLv3Simple unofficial Go wrapper for the Zermelo API.
splintah/zermelo-rsRustArchivedMarch 2018MITA Rust crate that retrieves a schedule from Zermelo.
simplyGits/zermelo.jsJavaScriptAbandoned?October 2016LGPLv3A JavaScript library for interacting with the Zermelo API. Available through npm install zermelo.js.
mvegter/node-zermeloJavaScriptAbandoned?April 2017MITZermelo Library for Node.JS
ZermeloRoosterPHPPHPAbandoned?August 2017MITA simple to use PHP wrapper and helpers for the Zermelo API
arthurrump/Zermelo.APIC#Abandoned?June 2017MITZermelo.API is a PCL (Portable Class Library) that provides a .NET API to connect to the Zermelo API. Used by "Schoolrooster voor Zermelo".
coollorenzo/zermelo-python-apiPythonAbandoned?March 2017GPLv3Simple unofficial Python wrapper for the Zermelo API.

More libraries appear every day. We recommend you search GitHub.

Would you like your project to be listed here? Please contact us at

Open Source applications

ProjectTypeLast commit
(as of June 2019)
LanguageLicenseAll schools?DescriptionLink

Zermelo App (OSE)


Android/iOS AppMay 2017JavaScriptMIT(tick)The Zermelo App allows students, teachers and parents to view schedules and announcements from their Zermelo Portal. 
DynataNL/Zermelo-RoostersDrupal PluginJune 2017PHPMIT(tick)Shows changes in the schedule in a Drupal 7 ELO.
Schoolrooster voor ZermeloWindows Phone AppJuly 2017C#MIT(tick)Schoolrooster voor Zermelo is an app that allows students and teachers to check their schedules on all their Windows 10 devices. The app works with all schools and organizations that use the Zermelo portal technology to do their scheduling. The app is built on the Universal Windows Platform.
Zermelo NotificatiesWebAppMay 2016JavaScriptMIT(error)Zermelo notification system (push notifications using PushBullet). Currently only seems to support
Amstelveen College RoosterAndroid AppFebruary 2016Java?(error)Shows the schedule for the Amstelveen College
Zermelo NotifierAndroid AppJanuary 2016JavaMIT(tick)It currently is able to show your schedule and notify you when anything changes. Still some major bugs though.
Zermelo2CalendarWebAppAugust 2016PHPApache2.0(tick)Zermelo2Calendar is an easy way to import a schedule from Zermelo in a regular digital calendar using a subscription to an ics file. Any changes in the schedule will automatically be pushed to your calendar.
cgu-roosterWebAppOctober 2017PHP/JS?(error)A third party schedule for CGU, based on the Zermelo API
splintah/cli-for-zermeloCommand-line applicationNovember 2017RustMIT(tick)A command line application written in Rust that retrieves today's schedule from Zermelo.
elisaado/zermelo-cliCommand-line applicationSeptember 2018GoMIT(tick)zermelo-cli is an unofficial command line interface application to access Zermelo (zportal) and view your schedule, written in Go.

Other applications

ProjectTypeAll schools?DescriptionLink

Zermelo Portal 

WebApp(tick)The Zermelo Portal is a rich web application (HTML5 + JavaScript) that allows you to view your schedule and read and modify a lot of other data related to the schedule.

Zermelo Desktop

Windows Desktop(tick)Zermelo Desktop/Client is a Windows Desktop application used for scheduling and other advanced activities. It uses the Zermelo API extensively, but also uses an on-disk project.
Zermelo WebAppWebApp(tick)

Progressive Web App that allows students to view their schedule. If it is part of the schedule, students can choose which lessons they will attend.

This webapp is available online and can be installed on Android and iOS.

ItslearningWebApp(tick)Itslearning imports schedules into the Itslearning calendar using the API.

View your schedule from your browser (only for RSG De Borgen)


A parent-teacher-night can be prepared in Zermelo and parents can then submit their requests for talks through SOMtoday. Scheduling takes place in Zermelo and the finished schedule is published in SOMtoday.

There is also an import for the schedule.

Xantes XIMExMiddleware(error)XIMEx can create and update user accounts in the Zermelo Portal so everyone can directly login using the credentials they are used to.
Rooster voor ZermeloiOS App(error)Shows the schedule for CSG Het Streek.
Material for ZermeloAndroid App(tick)App where you can see your schedule and that of other people in the same portal. The app itself is free, but you will have to pay for notification support.
Grundel RoostersWebApp(error)Shows the changes in the schedule for Lyceum de Grundel.
ScholicaWebApp(tick)An open online platform for education.
Valuas RoosterAndroid App(error)View the schedule for the Valuascollege.
RoosterpuntWebApp(tick)Webapplication to view your schedule.
CVO Zuid-West FryslânWeb Portal(error)Custom built school-portal that integrates information from different systems, one of which is the Zermelo Portal.
Zermelo for KarotzKarotz App(tick)Zermelo is a timetable solution and has a nice web Api to connect other applications. Using our services, your Karotz can tell you every morning if lessons have been canceled.
ZetaAndroid / iOS App(tick)App where you can see your schedule and that of other people in the same portal. The app itself is free, but it shows advertisements
RoosterpuntWebApp, iOS App, Android App(tick)With Roosterpunt you can easily view your timetable, get notified of changes and manage your homework
RoosterVergelijkerAndroid App(tick)Compare up to five schedules easily, be it teachers or students. Teachers can also access the schedule of locations and groups.
B-BoardWebApp(tick)View your own schedule or schedules of friends. Set reminders and tasks. View the weather.
Abit PresentWebApp(tick)Student attendance registration.
OpenEdu Zermelo-Moodle integrationWebApp(tick)Students and teachers can see their schedule in the Moodle learning platform.
Brite EdulinqMiddleware(tick)Identity management, including on- and offboarding of users and password (re)set.

Would you like your project to be listed here? Please contact us at

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