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It is a common use-case of the API to synchronize the students with an external system.

Creating students

To add a new student to the portal, perform the following steps:

  1. Create a user through the users endpoint (using a POST), with optionally the required role. (note that we're phasing out roles, always check if you can grant the student the required permissions through the "schoolfunctions" method).
  2. Create a student through the students endpoint. If you don't know the department (dutch: afdeling) of the student, from portal version 1.13.0 you can use the intakeProjects field to link the student to a project (schoolInSchoolYear). It wil show up on the intake (dutch: instroom) page.
  3. If you know the department of the student, you can create a studentInDepartment through the studentindepartments endpoint.
  4. If you already know the maingroup (dutch: stamklas/stamgroep) of the student, you can use the field mainGroup of the studentInDepartment to set it. Note that you will need to retrieve the id from the groupInDepartments endpoint.

Updating students

  1. You can change any of the fields of a user, student or studentindepartment you created earlier using a POST request. Note that you can't change the department of a studentindepartment, you'll need to create a new object to achieve this.

Removing students

  1. If someone has left the school, it is best to just archive the user. This can be done by using a POST on users with the code and archived: true. All data on the student will be retained, but he/she will no longer be able to login.
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